The Community Foundation of Mendocino County (CFMC) has recently awarded MCSA a $5000 grant from their COVID-19 Non-Profit Relief program. MCSA is using the funds to invest in an innovative train-at-home technology and train staff on its application. Children from across the county are now using the Techne Futbol App to stay physically and mentally active during the pandemic. Since November 7th, MCSA players have logged more than 250 hours of combined time trained at home. 

Techne is a one-of-a-kind soccer training at-home tool developed by a long time pro and former US Soccer National Women’s Team player, Yael Averbuch. She explains, “I designed Techne based on my own experience as a youth player and what I credit with allowing me to have a long pro career in the game. I’m inspired by clubs like MCSA who put an emphasis on developing complete athletes and instilling these values.” 

Techne provides: 

  • Guided Curriculum
    New weekly sessions, including juggling, dribbling, and wall work. Each drill has a video demonstrating the proper technique and can be done anywhere at any time.
  • Progress Tracking
    Players can see how much time they’ve trained, maintain a daily training streak, and measure their improvement on fundamental techniques with Techne Time Trials.
  • Rewards
    All players are part of the Training Sock System, similar to the belt system in martial arts. The more one trains, the further in the system they progress and are rewarded with new sock colors.
  • Competition
    Players compete on leaderboards and earn the chance to be recognized for their hard work and discipline. Players have the opportunity to top the list each week.

“At-home training is a reality in today’s day and age,” explains MCSA president, Coach Shane Huff. “We encourage players to put in extra effort on their own during the best of times. And now, whether it’s because of a pandemic or smoke from forest fires, we must adapt and offer both on-field and virtual solutions to serve our kids consistently. Support from CFMC allows us to innovate and stay true to our purpose of using sport to help kids be the best version of themselves – without passing on extra expense to local families.” 

Eagles player Liam Alcala has consistently been at the top of the weekly training leaderboards. His dad, Ruben, says: “As a parent, I was skeptical of the extra screen time at first, but soon realized it was minimal. Most of the time, it’s a timer. In these troublesome times, no school means no PE, so it has helped Liam be more active.”

MCSA provides a total soccer program for players of all ages and abilities and has developed a player pathway via three primary programs: Grassroots Academy, which is an introductory program for kids 4 -11, Developmental Soccer League, which is a county-wide program for kids 8-13, and Select Teams, which are high-level travel teams competing against teams throughout Northern California. COVID-19 has limited many of these programs, but CMFC and its donors have enabled MCSA to meet local kids’ physical and mental needs. 

MCSA co-founder and former professional player Joe Munoz coaches his two sons. He says, “My boys use Techne in between their school work. They’re sitting on a Zoom, and then during the five minutes in between classes, they’re doing something on Techne. At lunch, they go outside and do Techne skill work for 15 minutes or so and then eat. They miss the competition they used to have at training and weekend games, so they like the competition among the club members and want to be on top!”

At-home training is not only limited to physical aspects. Ten-year-old Allie Huff says, “The Techne App helps me with my technical AND mental game. I enjoy listening to mental training podcasts from professional women’s players and coaches.”

“Supporting youth in Mendocino County has always been important to the Community Foundation,” said Megan Barber Allende, CEO of CFMC. “With these uncertain times, it was important for us to include activities that support children’s physical and emotional wellbeing. We’re thrilled to provide a grant to MCSA for their innovative approach to nurturing the next generation from a distance.”

Coach Huff explains, “We teach kids the importance of creativity and resilience. These times help instill resilience, and we’re grateful for the support from CFMC because we’ve been able to invest in an innovative tool that allows us to stay engaged with our kids and help them become artists with the soccer ball. Thank you to CFMC and all the donors who support them. The investment is paying off and helping kids throughout the county.” 

For more information about MCSA or Techne, please visit or email club Admin Director, Ian Fitzpatrick.