Ian Mork Interview


At MCSA, we’re committed to developing creative artists with the ball. We play a possession-based, attacking mindset style of soccer. In part, it’s this philosophy has allowed our young club to develop some outstanding youth players even though we live in a small, rural community disconnected from major population centers.
In this interview, MCSA Directors Shane Huff, Joe Munoz, and Ian Fitzpatrick have an engaging conversation with NorCal Premier Soccer’s Ian Mork. Coach Mork is the Director of Scouting and the Boys Player Development Program for NorCal. He has an extensive background, including work as a scout for US Soccer, Assistant for the boys U14 and U16 US National Teams; he served as Head Coach of the Belize National Team, where he squared off against Jurgen Klinsmann’s US Team, and much more.
The discussion focuses on where we stand in general at developing high-quality players and people as a soccer community. This “great pause” brought on by COVID-19 allows space for reflection, learning, and developing updated plans. This conversation highlights what’s working well and where we have opportunities.
Enjoy, and please share with a soccer-loving friend or coach!