Discover the Journey: MCSA Select Team Tryouts and the Path to Excellence

As tryouts for the Mendocino County Soccer Academy (MCSA) Select Teams approach, excitement builds for families and young athletes eager to join our ranks for the Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 season. Here’s a glimpse into what it means to be part of a select team:

The Select Team Experience

It’s more than just playing soccer; it’s about embracing challenges, developing life skills, and building lifelong friendships. Our players learn to:

  • Hard Work and Follow Through: Commitment to the process and personal growth teaches players the value of hard work and dedication. They learn to set goals, push through difficulties, and celebrate their progress.
  • Take on Challenges: Facing tougher, faster, and stronger opponents helps players build resilience and adaptability. 
  • Uncover and Pursue Passions: Soccer becomes a vehicle for discovering and pursuing one’s passions. Players gain the courage to explore their potential and develop a lifelong love for the game.
  • Teamwork: Being part of a team teaches essential life skills such as cooperation, communication, and mutual support. Players learn to rely on each other and contribute to a common goal.

Our Development Process

At MCSA, we develop individuals within the team context. Our younger teams might face losses, but they are learning to play our brand of soccer—possession-based, highly skilled, and attacking. Our priority is mastering the ball at a young age, not immediate wins and losses.

Since our founding in 2013, we’ve focused on nurturing creative, skilled players who excel in our style of play. This approach has led to significant achievements, as evidenced by Ukiah High School’s soccer recent success. Our commitment to developing each player’s technical mastery and tactical understanding ensures they grow into complete, confident athletes.

Club co-founder Coach Joe Munoz’s U17 boys team recently earned promotion to the National Premier League 1 division. Many of these boys have been with MCSA since they were 4, 5, and 6 years old. Their success for both Club and High School underscores the value of a player-first philosophy and a comprehensive development curriculum. 

Reflecting on the win that earned NPL promotion, Coach Munoz said, “It was a physical game, and in the past, when the boys were younger, they would have been more timid and lost to a more physical team. Now we match and elevate the physicality when needed while still playing our style.” This achievement highlights our long-term vision of developing adaptable, competitive players who thrive in challenging environments.

Expectations and Responsibilities

Being part of the MCSA Select Team comes with a set of expectations that foster growth:

  1. Respect: On and off the field, players, families, coaches, and club representatives are expected to conduct themselves respectfully. We represent our community, sponsors, and ourselves with pride and integrity.
  2. Commitment: Attendance at all training sessions, games, and tournaments is crucial. The collective investment of time and effort from everyone involved makes commitment essential. This dedication teaches our players the importance of perseverance and reliability.
  3. Coaching: Parents are encouraged to support their children from the sidelines but should refrain from coaching during games. Allowing players to learn from their mistakes develops independence and resilience.
  4. Communication: Clear communication helps coaches plan effectively and quickly resolve any issues, ensuring a worthwhile experience for all involved. 

Come Join Us

We invite all interested families to attend tryouts and experience what it means to be part of an MCSA Select Team. Our community is built on respect, commitment, and a shared passion for soccer. We look forward to welcoming returning and new players and families to our club and continuing our journey of growth and success together.

Here is a fact sheet with more details including pricing and more.

For additional information and to address any questions or concerns, please reach out to our dedicated team of directors:

We look forward to seeing you at tryouts and embarking on another exciting season!