who we are

Since 2013, Mendocino County Soccer Academy has redefined local youth soccer. Our trained and educated coaching staff create fun, safe environments for players to learn and fall in love with the beautiful game.
For our youngest players, we focus on lots of games such as Lions on the Loose, Red Stop – Green Go, Ice Monsters, and more. Every kid has a ball, no lines, no laps, fun only!
The result is creative, technically sound young players who become ‘master artists’ of the soccer ball reflecting the best of our resilient and creative local community.
Our curriculum trains and develops the whole person. The same skills it takes to be successful in life are the skills required to succeed with soccer: hard work, persistence, teamwork, and leadership.
In the right environment with educated coaches, the game naturally teaches children these skills.
Learn about our player development pathway and how we offer solutions to kids of all ages and skill levels across the county.
Thank you, and GO Eagles!